Cycling / Run Collective


Running and cycling are meant to be social as much as they are about improving your overall health and well-being.


We apply our philosophy of #civilcycling and #civilrunning to our run and ride collective. Staff and members of our collective believe you can have it all. Exercise for fun and fitness, but you can't do so without a good cup of coffee, delicious snacks and great conversation.  


Join our weekly organized runs and group rides to see what we mean.

Run Collective 

Every Tuesday night at 6:00pm. All runs start and finish from Sanctuary Cafe for new runners, couch to 5K, recreational to elite runners.


Each run will have members of our Collective support you through 5k or 8k routes that will take you along the Dyke, Railway Trail or throughout Steveston Village.

Ride Collective

Every Thursday night at 6:00pm (Weather Permitting). All rides start and finish from Sanctuary Cafe for road bikes only.


Each ride will be no drop rides, but rider must maintain an average of 23km/h. You will enjoy some of the safest and most popular routes around Richmond and into Vancouver.